Create your own schedule

Make college schedule, plan weekly activities and family time. Print and share for free

Learning and studies

Learning and studies

free college schedule builder that’s super easy to setup and follow along

Work-Life balance

Work-Life balance

plan your work and free time to stay motivated and prioritize goals

Family and home

Family and home

have more quality time together, plan activities, meals and housework for kids

Make weekly planning a breeze

Make weekly planning a breeze

Fine tune every aspect of your schedule to fit your preferences. Choose daily or weekly views, turn on/off weekends or 24-12h time zone and more

Save, print and share with a single click

Save, print and share with a single click

Save your schedule, open it on your phone or print it and hang on the fridge. You can also share your it with a link and edit it later

Transparency and privacy

Transparency and privacy

We don’t collect any emails, re-sell your data and we are not giving any false promises

10 minutes invested in planning your day will save at least 2 hours of otherwise lost time and effort throughout the day

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How to make a schedule

  1. 1 Get started

    Open ScheduleMaker web app and start from an empty grid. Fine tune grid settings (etc: 12/24 hours and others) if needed

  2. 2 Create tasks

    Add your tasks by clicking the “Add“ button on the right or just click any cell on the grid. Change task card colors and icons to prioritize your tasks

  3. 3 Save and backup

    Click “Save“ button and then “Direct link“ to create your schedule link to share or open on a phone. Click “Export“ to backup your data


Is this schedule template free?

Yes, it's free forever and you can create unlimited amount of printable schedules with it. More features and schedule templates are coming soon.

What kind of schedules are supported?

Schedulemaker supports a wide variery of them like weekly, daily and monthly schedules.

How is my data processed?

We don't re-sell, enrich or otherwise monetize your data. We only store a bare minimum of anonymised data so the app is usable. Please review our Privacy Policy page for more details.

How can I save my schedule?

Just click on the “Save“ button and choose “Direct link“. We will save your schedule for later without any personal data for you to easily share

How can I load my schedule to edit?

Once you've saved your schedule JSON file, click “Import“ button and upload it.

How can I delete my schedule?

Please reach out to us by email: and we will be happy to assist.

Ready to take your weekly planning to another level?